Choose a Series and Work Towards Your Goals

5 Elements Embodied is a “movement-based” practice that has evolved from the healing modality of Zenthai.  This free flowing yoga asana and Qi series involves vitalising the meridians (energy) of the body, with the intention of supporting overall well-being and dealing with existing imbalances.

Margot Cameron guides you through kriyas designed specifically to tap into the most authentic part of your being.  When we can embody our fullest expression with allowance and understanding of all parts of ourselves then we start to live authentically.

Take time to connect with your baby and nurture yourself in this 7 Part Yoga Series.  This Series creates an opportunity for you to practice yoga with your baby in your arms or solo, all while gaining the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Yoga for Mums + Bubs will assist in creating that well needed balance of mind and body, something that every Mumma deserves.

Ever long to be free from food battles? Or to make peace with your body image? Join the Non-Diet Dietician, Kali Gray from My Food Culture for this 6 Part Series. Kali takes through easy to follow steps to Feel Good About Food & Your Body. From mindful meals to developing a self-compassionate view of your body, Kali has you covered.

Join Kayla McDonald for her 6 Part Series – Yin Yoga for Women’s Health. We live in a world where stress has become a modern illness, where we are “doing” rather than “being”. The practice of yin yoga is such a beautiful way to help bring ourselves back to our centre. Coming back to the present moment, creating a sense of rest and calm.

Don’t let the winter blues get you down; warm on up with our gentle heat building series.  Move your body and calm the mind with this mix of energising and restorative classes. From gentle flow classes, yin and meditation to get those endorphins pumping, increase your circulation, and to create some space to manage any stress in the body or mind.

The Heart of Presence series brings to life mindfulness practices, storytelling and self-inquiry, with breath and movement to integrate through the body. The 6 classes are designed to support a quietening and focusing of the mind whilst connecting to the vastness of the heart.

Are you ready to get flexi?! This Series covers the neck, shoulders, spine, hips and hamstrings to culminate into one full body class. Gently move, breathe and stretch your whole body to improve balance, mobility and flexibility.

“Yoga for Gratitude” is a 6 class series designed to help you slow down, tune out the world and allow yourself to open to the beauty of the present moment.  Cultivate deep gratitude and appreciation for your life.

This 5 Part Chair Yoga Series – covers the upper body, spine and core, hips and pelvis, lower body and culminates into a full body focus flow. Gently move, breathe and stretch your whole body to improve balance, mobility and flexibility.


We’ve taken the stress out of having to choose your own class and handpicked our favourites so you can simply log in and get flowing. 

Our self paced programs will keep you accountable and motivated in your daily practice.