Yoga for Mums + Bubs


Take time to connect with your baby and nurture yourself in this 7 Part Yoga Series.  Join Kat Harding and her new-born bub Olive to find calm, release tension and move gently.  This Series creates an opportunity for you to practice yoga with your baby in your arms or solo, all while gaining the benefits of yoga and meditation.  Kat expertly guides movement to your joints, releasing tension in both mind and body and creating that sense of balance. Add the classes together to create a longer practice or choose to take a single class when you have the time.  Yoga for Mums + Bubs will assist in creating that well needed balance of mind and body, something that every Mumma deserves.


Teacher Profile

Kat Harding

Kat Harding is an international yoga teacher based in Noosa, who regularly teaches SUP yoga, workshops and retreats both in Australia and overseas. Kat is passionate about using the physical practice of yoga to find stillness in the mind.Read More

Class Summary