Yoga Express

Express Yoga & Meditation Classes in 15 minutes or Less.

Short on time?  This is your go to program to fit yoga and meditation into your day.  We’ve handpicked 15 yoga and meditation classes that are all 15 minutes or less so you can roll out your mat, tune out the world for some express zen! 

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Class 1: Lower Body Lengthen & Release

Stretch and lengthen through your lower body with this 15 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy.

Class 2: Gentle Express


Warm up, stretch and open your whole body with this Gentle Flow by Mandy.

Class 3: Chakra Meditation


Enjoy this chakra balancing meditation with Mandy.

Class 4: In the Moment


Bring yourself back to the present moment with some Gentle Flow with Kat.

Class 5: Salute the Moon


Warm up your body with this 15 minute Power Flow with Mandy.

Class 6: Create Space Breathing Meditation


Enjoy this 10 minute breathing meditation with Mandy.

Class 7: Wrist & Forearm Release


Stretch and warm up the wrists and forearms with this 10 minute Gentle Flow with Mandy.

Class 8: Gentle Balance


Enjoy this 10 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy, balancing to the body and mind.

Class 9: Rhythmic Breathing to Balance & Calm


10 minutes to balance and calm with a breath meditation with Mandy.

Class 10: Salute the Sun


Salute the Sun with Mandy in this 15 minute Power Flow.

Class 11: Gentle Core Flow


Gently strengthen your core with Lucy in 10 minutes!

Class 12: Power Up


Join Margot and Power up your whole being with this 15 minute Kundalini meditation.

Class 13: Gentle All Over


Move and stretch your whole body with this 15 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy.

Class 14: Seated Flow


A beautifully grounding seated flow with Lucy.

Class 15: Twisting Flow


Rest and digest with this twisting gentle flow with Helen.

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