Yoga Express

Quick Yoga & Meditation Classes for busy days.

Avg Duration: 15 minutes or less

Classes: 15



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Class 1: Lower Body Lengthen & Release

Stretch and lengthen with this 15 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy

Class 2: Gentle Express


Warm up, stretch and open your whole body with this Gentle Flow by Mandy.

Class 3: Chakra Meditation


Enjoy this chakra balancing meditation with Mandy.

Class 4: In the Moment


Bring yourself back to the present moment with some Gentle Flow with Kat.

Class 5: Salute the Moon


Warm up your body with this 15 minute Power Flow with Mandy.

Class 6: Create Space Breathing Meditation


Enjoy this 10 minute breathing meditation with Mandy.

Class 7: Wrist & Forearm Release


Stretch and warm up the wrists and forearms with this 10 minute Gentle Flow with Mandy.

Class 8: Gentle Balance


Enjoy this 10 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy, balancing to the body and mind.

Class 9: Rhythmic Breathing to Balance & Calm


10 minutes to balance and calm with a breath meditation with Mandy.

Class 10: Salute the Sun


Salute the Sun with Mandy in this 15 minute Power Flow.

Class 11: Gentle Core Flow


Gently strengthen your core with Lucy in 10 minutes!

Class 12: Power Up


Join Margot and Power up your whole being with this 15 minute Kundalini meditation.

Class 13: Gentle All Over


Move and stretch your whole body with this 15 minute Gentle Flow with Lucy.

Class 14: Seated Flow


A beautifully grounding seated flow with Lucy.

Class 15: Twisting Flow


Rest and digest with this twisting gentle flow with Helen.