Tapping into the Authentic Self


In this four-part series Kundalini Series, Margot Cameron guides you through kriyas designed specifically to tap into the most authentic part of your being. When we can embody our fullest expression with allowance and understanding of all parts of ourselves then we start to live authentically. Through this series, find clarity and balance for body and mind. Important Guidelines: Any person with a known medical condition should always consult their physician before engaging in yoga practice. Women who are menstruating (on the first 3 days of the cycle) or are pregnant should avoid breath of fire and other exercises that powerfully engage the naval center like Sat Kriya. Inverted poses where the legs are lifted higher than the naval point should also be avoided. Long deep breathing can be done in the place of breath of fire. Resting in child’s pose or savasana, during poses like stretch pose, is also encouraged.


Teacher Profile

Margot Cameron

Amazed by the benefits of yoga, Margot was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. At this stage her interest in metaphysical sciences and the healing arts was in full swing, so Kundalini spoke straight to her growing awareness of subtle energy and the intricacies of the mind/body connection.Read More

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