Margot first discovered Yoga as a teenager, and was completely amazed by the benefit it had for her ability to focus and concentrate on her studies. Later on as an adult, whilst studying Kinesiology, she was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. At this stage her interest in metaphysical sciences and the healing arts was in full swing, so Kundalini spoke straight to her growing awareness of subtle energy and the intricacies of the mind/body connection. She quickly took up a daily practice, and fell in love with Mantra, and it’s effects it had for calming the mind and body.

This was also a time of huge transformation for Margot, whereby Kundalini Yoga began to facilitate a greater sense of self, inner strength and courageousness, to which she now lovingly shares in her classes. Margot swears by Kundalini Yoga as a subtle, and powerful tool for self-awareness and transformation. She undertook her training with renowned teachers Sunder Singh & Suraj Kaur in 2011, and continues to study further through Australia in a dedicated love of deepening her knowledge & personal experience of the practice. She has taught locally and overseas, loves facilitating workshops and making Kundalini yoga an accessible tool for every day life. She provides a warm, and nurturing environment for you to practice in.