After living a rigorous routine of working hard, physical construction jobs, lifting weights, surfing, skating and competing in Thai kickboxing, Cody’s muscles became extremely tight, joints restricted and he started to suffer from severe lower back pain. Stuck in a toxic masculine mind set he stubbornly soldiered on and was lying to himself about how much pain he was in. Finally it got too much and he started consulting doctors and physiotherapists but nothing seemed to relieve the pain. After finally listening to the advice of his yogic mother he began a daily practice of yoga. When Cody started he couldn’t even touch his knees in a forward fold! Feeling the benefits of the practice instantly, not only physically but mentally and ultimately spiritually. As Cody started to untangle the web of what he thought he was meant to do as a man, his body also started to relax and open up.

Cody strives to introduce more men in a similar mind set to yoga, however his classes are open to all.  Cody provides a practice that will reduce aches and pains, improve your ability to surf and lift weights with safe and proper technique (not hindered by stiff inflexible joints), overall ease of movement, balance and agility. This all equals a happier, less stressed being! Who doesn’t want that?!