Have you been looking for a detox? Wondering how to do one, and having trouble figuring out which one is right for you? Or maybe you just want a quick detox to keep your vibes high!

One of our A Live Yogi teachers has put together this Simple One Day Detox for you. Watch her class on this topic here first and then follow the steps below!

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A Simple One Day Detox

From the class: A Simple One Day Detox – Chara – Recorded live August 1 2018

According to Ayurveda, the ancient science of living, one of the biggest factors holdings us back from experiencing our true potential is our inability to let go of what we really don’t need any more: the basement full of junk, the extra weight, unhealthy eating habits, self-criticism and judgment, and that enduring belief that who we are is never going to be enough. In fact one of the basic principles of Ayurveda is that this physical, mental, and emotional “residue” is what lies between us and the truest and healthiest expression of ourselves.

The Ayurvedic view is that our ability to “digest” all the things we come into contact with on a daily basis, food, ideas, thoughts, information, interactions, etc., is the key to our health and happiness.  Being able to extract the nourishing goodness from our experience of living and allow it to fuel our minds, bodies and relationships is the hallmark of a blissful life.

But far too often we overburden ourselves by taking in too much or adding in factors like stress and anxiety that compromise our ability to digest. When that happens we start to accumulate stuff.  Undigested stuff. The more we accumulate the more we compromise who we are and our own ability to be healthy or happy. We start to feel weighed down, heavy, complacent, jaded and just plain sick and tired. Which is why cleansing (I like to call it reinventing yourself) is such a vital part of a healthy approach to living.


The primary purpose of this day of detoxification is to re-focus your mind, body and spirit, to revisit what you’re committed to in your life, and to align yourself with the cycles of nature. Doing so will allow you to clearaway some of what’s between you and your most powerful expression of yourself. It will also amplify your gifts and allow you to dedicate more of you to what really matters.

What’s possible in 1-Day?

Transformation can happen in an instant. And so what’s possible in this 1 day will be entirely up to you! It is my hope that you use this day to re-examine your physical, mental and emotional levels of balance and perhaps even dedicate yourself to making small changes today and every day after that will leave you feeling cleaner, clearer and more alive.

How to clean up your act!

Ayurvedic cleansing is about the whole you! It’s about knowing yourself and loving your self by creating space in your mind and body for what you need an want in your life. AND, it’s something you can do every day!

So take a moment just to consider what’s going on in your life. How much food, information, ideas, interactions and emotions do you experience every day? How well is your experience of life feeding your soul?

No matter what your experience of life (and everything in it), taking time (even one day) to lighten up is a powerful step toward living your bliss.

Here’s what to do…

Know your why​ – Take a moment to consider why you’re taking the time out to lighten up and more importantly why you’re worth it (because you are SO worth it!).

Make a commitment to yourself​ – Commit yourself fully to the process by choosing a way of being that supports your purpose. Consider committing to the following for the day (and your life!):

● Joyful Energetic Body
● Loving compassionate heart
● Restful reflective alert mind
● Lightness of being… Total Ease

Wake up early – An inspired day begins at an inspiring time. ​Take a few moments at the beginning of your day to enjoy a few moments of stillness and remind yourself of who you are and what you’re committed to for the day.

Warm Water w/Lemon & Ginger – ​The Ayurvedic view is that this lovely brew stokes your digestive fire giving it the boost it needs first thing in the morning to efficiently process what you’re taking in today and every day. Start your morning with a cup!

Eat Light – ​Keep breakfast light (try the yogi breakfast recipe) and enjoy lunch as your largest meal of the day today (try kitchari, the traditional Ayurvedic cleansing dish!. Take a light dinner before the sun goes down.

Rest your mind and your body – ​Resist doing any work or critical thinking, and keep interactions with electronics to a minimum. Rest your body and your mind today. Turn your thoughts inward to how your mind and body feels and Just notice what comes up. Consider writing some of your thoughts down.

Hydrate – ​Make sure to get plenty of water today, and support digestive fire by sipping warm Ayurvedic tea throughout the day.

Let go of the day – ​Wind down your day starting in the early evening and get to bed by 10.00 pm. As you lie in bed before falling to sleep, take a moment to digest your day, connect with how it nourished you… and let it go!

There you go! That’s it…..or is it? Wondering what you will eat? We’ve got 3 recipes to get you though this detox.

How did you go? Please let us know in the comments, or ask any questions that you may have.