Laura is a somatic movement therapist, embodied flow yoga facilitator and psychotherapist. Immersed in dance and art as a child, Laura has a long-standing passion for creative expression through the body and was first introduced to yoga at age 14. However,  when she experienced a painful condition in her ovaries, she delved deeper into healing her connection with her body through dance and somatic yoga therapy. Embodiment and somatic therapies allowed Laura to feel more comfortable in her skin and, therefore, to engage with life more fully. Since then, she has sought opportunities to study with senior teachers across the globe – from her first 200hr somatic Yoga Training and training closely under the guidance of agent of change, embodied flow creators Tara Judelle and Somatic Psychologist Scott Lyons and Movement therapist Myra Avedon.

Laura is dedicated to movement and embodiment practices which increase our intimacy with our bodies and inner lives and develop a greater presence within the fullness of our bodies. Laura feels the body is a vehicle for our awakening, to return to the wisdom of our cells and our ancestors. A meeting place to connect with spirit, land, and each other. She works with individuals to inhabit their bodies through somatic movement practices, meditations, yoga and, Somatic & spiritually oriented Psychotherapy for vitality and freedom from anxiety, stress, overwhelm & trauma. Her practice is a dance dedicated to the power in the soft and subtle,  inviting us back to fluidity, aliveness and totality of the body, mind and spirit. A dance that guides us back to inhabiting our intuitive instinctual selves and embodying the wisdom of our bodies.