Neck and shoulder pain! It is so common. We carry the weight of the world some days. Between the stress of life to literally carrying our little ones around. This area is a haven for stress and anxiety, which manifest itself in tightness and pain. After a long day with the kids, or a long day at the office, a good stretch is what we need. We’ve got 5 poses to help this problem area and try and give your neck and shoulders the relief you need. We always recommend speaking to your doctor first about any pain or treatment.

  1. Forward fold – From standing, inhale, lift your arms to the sky and then fold over your hips as you place your hands or fingertips on the floor (or as far as you can go). Lengthen your torso, by drawing your belly in, grounding your heels and lifting your tailbone to the sky. Let your arms dangle, rest on the floor or hug your legs.


  1. Extended puppy pose – Begin on your hands and knees. Keep your knees in place as you walk your hands and arms forward. Let your forehead rest on the floor as your arms are stretched out, your hips are lifting to the sky and your belly is pulled in, all while your knees stay on the ground.


  1. Bridge pose – Lay on your back and bend your knees so that they are over your ankles. Keeping your head, shoulders and upper back on the ground, press your heels down and lift your hips up. Add to this pose by rolling your shoulders, underneath you, one at a time. For beginners or those needing a gentler practice place a block under your sacrum for a supported pose.


  1. Twisted Child’s Pose – Starting on knees and hands, inhale and lift your left hand high to the sky turning your body upward. Next, exhale looping your left arm underneath you across your chest towards the right side of your body. Lay your left arm on the ground, resting your head to the floor and reaching your right arm high to the sky. Rest here for a few breaths and switch sides.


  1. Child’s Pose – A common resting pose, this is a great place to pause and rest when you have any aches and pains, or even when your mind is racing. When our body hurts, that is a sign that we need rest. So take a few minutes in child’s pose and give yourself some time to rest and recover.



Once you’ve released some tension with these poses, try one of our neck and shoulder targeted flows.

Yin for neck and shoulders – Yin – Sally

Neck and shoulder release – gentle – Lucy

Release Neck and Upper Back Tension – Gentle – Mandy

Strong Shoulders – Gentle – Sophie


Only have a few minutes? Try one of these quick 10 minute flows:

10 Minute neck and shoulder flow – gentle – Lucy

10 minute gentle flow for the shoulders – gentle – Helen


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