On a recent Retreat in Bali, I revisited the Pyramids of Chi in Ubud.  A very special place indeed and perhaps even the birthplace of A Live Yogi.

You see Peter McIntosh and the Pyramids have been a significant part of bringing A Live Yogi to life!   Just over 12 months ago (and only after 4 weeks that Peter had opened the Pyramids of Chi),  A Live Yogi came to me in a vision – to open an online yoga studio!  His story inspired me so much that I wanted you to experience his amazing wisdom and energy.

The Pyramids of Chi was provided to Peter in a vision in 2013 to create two pyramids in Ubud!  He was then shown the location and how to get the funding for the project.

In March 2017, 4 years after the vision, the Pyramids were in full operation.  Over 17,000 people have visited the Pyramids in the past 17 months!  An amazing space growing so rapidly, they are living proof that the Law of Attraction Works.

See our inspiring interview here!

If you want more even more Pyramid Vibes why not do my meditation at the Pyramids HERE.

Invite some healing into your body and mind as you tune into the similar vibration of the Pyramids of Chi.

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Note:  Cover Pic by Pyramids of Chi