Online Courses

Online Courses

Self Paced Courses

Cultivating Self Love with Kundalini

Self Love is cultivated through giving to ourselves in kindness, acting with compassion, and really listening to our needs. By acting in self-love we enable ourselves to nourish the body, and enrich our sense of self knowing.  This Cultivating Self Love with Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Course with Margot Cameron will awaken you to the power of your internal energy to bring about a sense of lightness, joy and peace to you whole being

Mindfulness in Minutes with Melina

De-stress, soothe the overwhelm and cultivate presence.  This course guides you through 7 simple and easy to follow mindfulness practices to help manage when the stress of daily life hits.  Mindfulness is simply about coming back to yourself and the present moment.

Foundations of Yoga with Mandy

Learn the Foundations of Yoga & Meditation.  Be guided through yoga poses and modifications to find poses that suit your body.  Be introduced to meditation, an invitation to bring tranquillity to the mind and into everyday life.  The Course culminates in one final 75 minute class which brings together all your learning, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit.  This Course is for you, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate yogi looking to revisit the foundations of this ancient practice. 

LIVE + Interactive Courses

10 Day Meditation + Mindfulness Journey with Sally Meredith

✓ A 10 Day journey reconnecting to the inner workings of your mind to feel more clear, grounded and connected

✓ Daily 20 minute Live Sessions (8am AEST) with Sally to guide you over the 10 days, with replays sent to your Inbox

✓ 10 x pre-recorded 10 minute Meditations to build your practice and revisit at any time

✓ A Private Online Group to keep connected and share insights, questions and inspirations on the 10 day journey together

✓ Emails sent straight to your inbox for motivation and support

✓ A zen online space (100% ad-free!)

✓ Flexibility to practice anywhere, anytime!