Did you know we have options for pregnancy on A Live Yogi? We do! Let’s take a look at how you can continue (or perhaps start) your journey with yoga while carrying your little bundle of joy to be!

Congrats on this wonderful stage of your life. What an adventure lies ahead of you. It’s so amazing that you have found yourself here, and are considering yoga during your pregnancy. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or your third, including light yoga and meditation into your pregnancy is a great way to start connecting to your baby and perhaps connecting to yourself.  A little time out for mum, even before the baby arrives is a good thing.

Start with Kelly’s gentle Flow

Kelly Carthy, one of our teachers, has a wonderful pregnancy flow she filmed while 9 months pregnant with her little bub. You can do her class here.

Add in a Pregnancy Meditation

Be sure to take some time to slow your mama mind, with Kelly’s wonderfully Zen Empowered Mama Pregnancy meditation, which you can find here:

Gentle Classes and Meditations

Our gentle flow classes are a great option for pregnancy, just go as far as feels comfortable, and take regular breaks. Meditation is wonderful at any stage in your pregnancy, or your life. Prenatal anxiety is a common thing and many expecting mama’s experience this. Sitting in stillness and silence is a wonderful way to catch your breath, slow your mind and calm your nerves. A few minutes of mediation each day can have far reaching affects. It’s also a great way to start mindfully setting an intention for yourself and your baby.

Use the Class Guide to find the style of class you need, like Gentle Flow or Meditations. 

Things to Remember

Use a prop or cushion when needed to lift your right hip up, or cushion an asana for added comfort. Avoid poses that bend or twist, require you to over use your abdominal muscles or lie on your belly (no planks). Avoid inversions or hand stands and instead try feet up the wall instead. Stay hydrated and take breaks as needed. Seated pose is a good resting pose, as child’s pose might be too tight. Move slowly and always stop if something doesn’t feel right.

Enjoy your Journey

While many people practice yoga during pregnancy we definitely recommend that you consult your doctor first to make sure that it is right and safe for you. We encourage you to only push your body as far as feels good, to never keep going if it hurts, and to take a break as often as needed. There is no race to the finish in yoga. Like your pregnancy, you will see, that yoga is a journey, not focused on the finish line, but instead on nourishing your mind, body and soul.

We are constantly updating our classes, so stay tuned for even more pregnancy yoga options.