Meet the beautiful Lara Zilibowitz and super talented Benny Holloway.  Lara is a travelling yoga teacher and artist based out of Byron Bay, Australia and Benny is a soulful soundophile and self-taught artist.⠀

Together they make a beautiful team with Lara teaching yoga and Benny playing live music to provide the most amazing experience! ⠀

“I believe the biggest gift we can give to ourselves is to pay attention. To cultivate joy by searching for the preciousness of small things – such as the flavour of the breath, the sensation of conscious movement, the texture of paintbrush on canvas – that transforms everyday experiences into the sublime.” – Lara

Check out Lara and Benny’s yoga flow.  Music and yoga = a match made in heaven!


Lara and Benny’s interview super inspiring interview with Lauren Verona is also in the library for your viewing pleasure, you can check it out HERE.

You can connect with Lara through her Website || Instagram || Facebook
You can connect with Benny through his Website || Instagram || Facebook