Lauren, one of our in house yogi’s has lovingly shared her Third Eye Meditation with us. Watch the class here, or have a read below first.

Lauren’s Third Eye Meditation. 

Come to a comfortable seat, some of you may be lying down but I advise if you are inclined to fall asleep, come up to a seated position.

The 6th chakra Ajna, our third eye, is the little home of our intuition and inner wisdom. The space between our eyebrow centre known as the third eye. Just above the nose and around the very centre of our skull. Its associated with the colour indigo.

Allow yourself to drop into the space and really let go of the day. Whatever has happened, before you press play, let go of it, this is no longer serving you, there is nothing we can do about the outside world…Let it go.

Feel your connection to earth. Start to imagine a line from the ground up through your sit bones, almost like a light, weaving its way, circulating itself all the way around, and all the way up the spine. All the way up beyond the head, and then it circles its self down again. Its like if you imagine an energy going up and and energy going down.

Deep connection to the ground, deep connection to your spirit, your source, your higher being, your higher power, your highest self.

Let everything come in and circulate, like bees coming in and circulating around a hive. All coming into the third eye and just circulating. I want you to start to visualise this deep indigo colour.

When we are imbalanced here, we can start to feel this anxiety, this mental clutter, discomfort mentally, and we just don’t feel connected.

I have a few affirmations that I am going to share with you, around seeing and understanding, all of which is our third eye.

One thing is to see, but the other thing is to understand, and get this sense of knowing. Some people refer to this as to ‘when the penny drops’ or ‘the epiphany’, which is all these things that we start to see clearer when out third eye chakra is in balance.

Keep breathing deeply and visualising that divine colour of deep indigo.

Keep all of your awareness in this space around the third eye. Try not to get too heavy, or get caught in your thoughts and your emotions. Gift yourself the ability to be able to be here, in this moment.


‘I am in touch with my inner guidance’

‘I listen to the wisdom that is available to me’

‘I trust in life’s experiences and learnings’

‘I am truly connected to the divine guidance’

‘I honour and nurture this spirit of mine’

‘I forgive myself and the past’

‘I wholeheartedly love and accept myself’

‘I trust in the wisdom of the universe’

‘I know all is perfect right now’

‘My life is effortless’

‘I sit with my truth and find peace’

‘I am connected’

‘I am love’

Take ten more deep breaths, really get a sense of being completely open to your 6th chakra, the door way to enlightenment, the pathway to bliss, to Sumadi internal bliss. May we see, but may we understand. May we know, may we trust and may we find peace.

Connecting with anything that’s becoming available, any messages or downloads, anything that you are sensing now, receiving right now. Anything that you are sensing, trust that it is divine, trusting your instincts. Being open to receiving all of this information that is available to you. Trust, trust, trust all is available to you.

Seek your answers from within. Those little instinct feelings you may get, follow through with them, they are your truth, and may we all sit in our truth.


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