One of the easiest things we do, is make excuses for the life we could be living. This may sound harsh, but we all do it, so don’t feel bad. Sometimes it is easier to think something is out of our reach or too hard to do, so we let ourselves off the hook. But we deserve better.

A quote by John A. Shedd sums it up perfectly. “A ship in harbour is safe, but that is not what ships are built for. “

We are like ships. We are made for so much more. We are made to make goals and work towards them. We are made to be brave and try new things. We are made to leave the safe harbour of our lives and discover wonderful new things.

What can you try that is new today? What item on your bucket list has always made you turn the other way? Is there something that you want to try but don’t feel ready? Now is the perfect time. Imagine if you say yes to try something new today? In a year from now you can be proud of yourself for taking the leap. And if you say no, you will be in the same place as you are now. Why not grow?

We know things can be scary, so we will remind you of another great quote, this one by Erin Hanson. “What if I fall? Oh, but my darling, what if you fly?”

Is yoga your leap? Maybe it’s the bucket list item you have been trying to tick off. You’re here reading this message, so you must be interested. Leave your safe routine and give yoga a try. We’re excited for you to set this goal and take the next step! You can do it!

Don’t know where to start? Daunted by walking into a yoga studio just yet? Welcome to A Live Yogi, an online yoga platform, with a huge library full of different styles of classes. You can even catch a live class and feel like your right there in a studio. It’s a great first step! Start with our Gentle classes, Yin or Foundations and work your way up to Power and more. Set your own pace.

Even better, we have a free 30-day trial right now on the website. You can sign up now by clicking here!

See you on the mat.