Meet Rosie, she is the founder of Happiness Lifestyle and is a Certified Transformational Wellbeing Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner and Life Empowerment Mentor.

Rosie specialises in helping others release patterns of anxiety, limitation and fear, to experience the thriving health, life + impact they are truly capable of.  She is also licensed in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and the unique and proven Enhances Awareness Program, is a Pathways to Mindfulness Facilitator, with an emphasis on Awareness, Health and Healing.  She leads transformational group intensives and workshops as well as mindfulness retreats, both nationally and internationally.

We were lucky enough to get the opportunity to sit down with Rosie to hear about her story and the health crisis that lead her to finding her souls purpose.  How to find gold as your own inner alchemist and how bringing mindfulness into your life can provide longstanding growth and transformation.

Watch the full interview with Lauren and Rosie:

Rosie’s principle focus in life is to support people in awakening to their wholeness and lead more open, happy and fulfilling lives.


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