Garudasana – Eagle Pose

(gah-rue-DAHS-uh- nuh)

garuda = eagle
asana = pose

The Garuda, a huge mythical bird, believed to be the vehicle of Vishnu is also the name of a busy asana that resembles the shape of an eagle taking flight. Garudasana strengthens the lower body, opens the shoulders, and improves balance and concentration. By breathing deep into the back of your lower lungs, expanding the ribs like wings on the inhalation, you can muster the Garudas energy of sustained attention – creating the freedom to sore through your day with focus, strength and openness. Banish any “demons of the mind” that say you can’t do it and let Garuda give you wings and glide like a bird.
It is best to learn to come into Garudasana from Tadasana:

  1. Start standing with soft knees, shift your weight onto your left leg and hug your right knee into your chest.
  2. Cross your right thigh over your left thigh, tucking your right foot on either side of your left ankle or shin (single or double wrap, whichever your knees permit) with your toes facing down.
  3. Wrap your right arm under your left arm and press your palms together, fingertips facing up.
  4. Sit down low while keeping your hips square and lift through your elbows and fingertips.
  5. Your upper arms are parallel to the ground and fingertips reach away from your face to open your shoulders.
  6. Find your Dristi or Eagle vision, and
  7. Stay here for five long, deep breaths. Unwind, then repeat on the other side.