Have you tried online yoga before? The idea behind A Live Yogi, an online yoga platform, is that you have the opportunity to practice anywhere, anytime. You can pause a class, you can choose your style, and you can practice in the comfort of your own home. You might not always be able to access a studio, and now you don’t have to. All great positives! The one thing we keep hearing from people is “I don’t have time to practice.”

What if you did have time? Sometimes when we start something new it’s tricky to see how or where we can fit it into our lives. Or sometimes we feel guilty making time for ourselves when our lives are so busy. Making time for ourselves is so very important. It’s not selfish and it is a priority. You cannot fill from an empty cup. Let’s look at our day and find a few pockets of time that can be used for ‘you time’.

10 Times You Can Fit Yoga into Your Life

  1. Before your alarm!

Does this scare you, getting up before your alarm? Some people are night hawks and this just won’t work, but for us early risers, setting your alarm only 30 minutes earlier, gives you a chance to wake up, roll out your mat, get your flow on and be clear minded and ready to start your day. Imagine the grace and focus you can bring into your office, or family by starting your day the Zen way!

  1. On a lunch break

When a day at the office is getting hectic, a lunch break and a meditation go hand in hand. Got headphones? Plug in and listen to one of our hundreds of mediations while you mindfully chew that salad, or drink that smoothie. Your afternoon will feel brighter than ever afterwards.

  1. During nap time

Home with the kids? Praying for nap time? We hear you! While the kids are getting some much needed rest time, put that to do list down, and give yourself some much needed Zen time. Gentle flow, Power flow, or maybe catch up on one of our many inspiration chats. Our go to is yin, you may even fall asleep after, leaving you and the kids rested and ready to go!

  1. During playtime

If you can’t beat em, join em! If the kids have turned your lounge room into a Lego minefield, clear a section, roll out your mat and put on a flow. They can have Paw Patrol and you can have calm control. Who knows, they may even try to join in. We aren’t promising total Zen for this one, there are bound to be interruptions, and that’s ok, but what an inspiration you are to your kids by showing them that you matter too, by making time for yourself, in amongst the chaos.

  1. Pre-dinner

This may sound crazy, but pre dinner can actually be a rare moment of time when everyone in the house is busy and you can grab some mat time. Mindfully listen to a meditation while prepping dinner, or roll out a mat beside the kids while they are doing homework. Perhaps you are going out for dinner, grab a quick 30-minute power flow, before you head out and get those digestive organs working.

  1. Before bed

Hey Nighthawks, this one is for you! The early risers are setting their alarms a tad earlier to fit in a flow, perhaps you can add a flow to your evening. If your energy is higher at night, then this is the time for you. Alternatively, if you struggle to get to sleep, adding a gentle or yin flow before bed, can leave you calm and clear minded for a good night’s sleep. A meditation, in bed, is we think, the perfect end to the day.

  1. Schedule it in!

This sounds so simple but it really makes a huge difference. Pick a time and add it to your calendar, write it down, put it in your phone, set an alarm, make it happen, captain! Schedule it like a doctor’s appointment or a work commitment, then tell yourself you are worth this commitment and show up for yourself. You wouldn’t bail on a doctor’s appointment, so don’t bail on you. Start by scheduling in yoga once a week, and once that is turned into a habit, see if you can add another time slot.

  1. With a friend

Make yourself accountable. This is key, this is why we do most of the things we do in life – because someone is watching, waiting or needing us. Grab a friend and pick a time together and then practice together. You can meet up, or just aim to practice at the same time, do the same class and then catch up about it after.

  1. Put down the phone

Take a social media break. We can all use a little bit of digital detox time. Spending too much time on your phone? If you have 30 minutes to scroll through stranger’s photos, why not use that time more purposefully and give yourself a flow for 30 minutes.

  1. Make it a goal.

How good is goal setting, or tackling a challenge? Create a vision board, set your goal, maybe it’s one flow a week, then carve that time into your plan and make your goals become reality. This one is less about finding the time and more about envisioning the time! Manifestation at its best.

It’s all about using your time effectively. You don’t need to cram everything in, but you can reorganise and find little pockets of your time to use to your full potential. We all deserve time in our day for ourselves, and rolling out your mat, showing up for yourself – that is huge and will carry into the rest of your day.

Which of these times might work for you? Or do you have a unique way of fitting you in to your day? We’d love to hear about it.