Our 5 Top Tips to stay calm, release stress and be merry during the holidays.

Creating Healthy Boundaries 

It really is super important to create healthy boundaries this time of year (all year for that matter).

You are most probably being pulled in every direction, party invitations and Christmas Day preparations, not to mention having to do all the shopping!   Sometimes the healthiest action in all this chaos is to simply say “no”.

Next time you are feeling frazzled and feel that resentment creeping in, just stop and take a deep breath.  Question what is most important to you in that very moment and follow your heart.

Making Time for Self-Care 

We can’t stress this one enough! Self-Care is really important to maintain at this time of year.  It doesn’t have to take all day or even an hour.  Self-Care can be 5 or 10 mins taking a quick walk, a short meditation or even as simple as having a conscious cup of tea without any distractions.

Give yourself the best Christmas present of all and take time to invest at least 10 mins of self-care a day…you will thank yourself later.

Nourish your Body 

Although there is an abundance of food, chocolate and alcohol, Christmas doesn’t have to be unhealthy!  There are so many wonderful nutritious and delicious recipes to choose from.

In Australia we have an abundance of tropical fruit at this time of year, mangoes and stone fruits.  If you are attending lots of parties or functions try and make one meal the most nutritious you can.  Think yummy smoothies, fresh salads mmmmm!

Drink Water!

Don’t forget to hydrate.  Having a big glass of water helps with fatigue, anxiety.  It helps improve your digestion, and metabolism and helps with detoxification.

Don’t be so serious

Lastly, let’s have fun?!  Don’t take this time of year too seriously.  Yes, people can tend to be grumpy and pushy and there is nothing like a family gathering to trigger all your issues you thought you dealt with [insert eye twitch here! 🙄🙄].

But at the end of the day this is the time of year of loving, giving and appreciation of all the abundance we have in our lives.  The magic of Christmas is not in the presents, but in the “presence”.

And if all else fails we always have yoga….