A short 5 minute guided meditation for the busy mumma in mind.

Using the breath, Helen expertly guides you with simple techniques to quiet that busy mind and bring your body into a relaxed state.

A short daily meditation practice activates the para-sympathetic nervous system to bring about “rest and digest”, allowing you to feel more balanced and calm, no matter the stress going on in your day.

Take some time for you today to restore, de-stress and bring balance to your day.


Helen is a busy mum with twins and a yoga teacher.  Having first discovered a strong love of yoga during a challenging time in her own life, Helen became deeply inspired by both the physical benefits of regular yoga practice as well as the spiritual and emotional discovery that Pranayama, Meditation and Asana practice can deliver. Helen enjoys teaching with the aspiration to help others to balance body and mind through yoga, breath work and meditation practice.  Check out Helen’s meditation in the Library here or click the image below.