Cultivating Self Love with Kundalini

Hello & Welcome

Welcome to your Cultivating Self Love with Kundalini Course, I am so happy you will be joining me online over the next four weeks.

You can access your First Practice below.

We will be sending you a weekly email to help with motivation and support along the way.

This course is self-paced, so complete it in your own time and remember there is no rush.

I suggest you take your time with each practice before moving on to the next. If you are super motivated to get going, you can access your next Practice right here on the Course Page

Sat Nam


A Little More About Me…

I first discovered Yoga as a teenager. At the time I was completely amazed by how it helped me to focus and concentrate on my studies. During my early 20’s whilst studying Holistic Kinesiology, I found Kundalini Yoga.

At this stage my interest in metaphysical sciences and the healing arts was in full swing, so Kundalini spoke straight to my growing awareness of subtle energy and the intricacies of the mind/body connection. I quickly took up a daily practice, and fell in love with Mantra, and it’s effects it had for calming the mind and body.

I have taught locally and overseas and I love facilitating workshops and making Kundalini yoga an accessible tool for every day life.


Self Love Classes

These classes are best completed in order as they each build on eachother. 

Return to each practice and use the journalling worksheets to dive a little deeper.

Length: 1 hour 15 mins

Meet yourself with Care:  In this practice we will explore what parts of ourselves we may consistently place pressure or expectations on. We then consider how this governs our lives in relationships and activities.


Length: 1 hour 9 mins

Love it all, and make peace with your shadows. In this practice, we consider our shadow side. Ask yourself, how can you love and accept this part of you, that you may have previously pushed away? How may you gain insight from your shadow and use this information to guide you forwards in life?


Length: 1 hour 17 mins

Forgiveness. In this practice we contemplate forgiving ourselves, by acknowledging that we’re doing our best and creating a no judgement space within.


Length: 1 hour 4 mins

Align Yourself with Joy, by aligning you mind, body and soul. We use a Kriya that helps align our physical, mental and soul bodies, which enables us act from a place of truth & integrity. Through this kriya and meditation, we are cultivating a full awareness of ourselves which allows a deep sense of love, and a deeper experience of joy.


Course Videos

Classes 1 – 4