21 Day Full Body Reset

Lengthen. Strengthen. Reset.

Self-paced or with our community.

Our next Community start date is 1st November.

Suited to those who have previously practiced yoga.
Download & Print Your 21 Day Tracker

Your progress

Day 1: Neck and Shoulder Flow

Commence your 21 day program with a gentle neck and shoulder release by Lucy.

Day 2: Happy Hips and Hamstrings

Warm up and work through any tension in your hips and hamstrings with this gentle class by Mandy.

Day 3: Salute the Sun

Enjoy this short full body class by Mandy, focusing on flexibility and strength.

Day 4: 10 Min Gentle Seated Flow

Do this class anywhere – a quick seated class by Lucy, for spine flexibility and hip release.

Day 5: Mindfulness Yin


Relax the body and come back to the present moment with this yin class with Paul.

Day 6: Belly Blast

Feel the burn in this power class by Mandy, focusing on core strength.

Day 7: Ground and Centre


Ground your whole being with this relaxing breathing meditation with Melina.

Day 8: Gentle Tune Up

Awake your whole body with this gentle class by Mandy.

Day 9: One Legged Practice

Leg strength with Lucy in this 20 min power class.

Day 10: Upper Body Release


Focus on releasing your upper body, in this gentle class by Amanda.

Day 11: Unwind and Relax

Hips and Hamstrings are our focus in this yin class by Mandy.

Day 12: Yoga for Strength


Power UP with this full body power class with Cody.

Day 13: Mindful Check In

Enjoy this express 5 meditation with Paul checking into the present moment.

Day 14: Yin Yoga for Upper Body

Release the upper body through yin poses with Mandy.

Day 15: Back Bending Quickly


Strength, flexibility and back bending are the focus in this strong class by Sally.

Day 16: Yin Yoga for Neck and Shoulders

So much yes! Your neck and shoulders will feel great with this yin class by Sally.

Day 17: Look Within

A power class by Mandy, working through the back of your body.

Day 18: Calm Heart Restful Sleep

Pre-bed meditation by Margot. Good night!

Day 19: An Opportunity

Find space in your back, spine and hips with Lucy.

Day 20: So Hum Meditation

A 10 minute quick meditation from Mandy, you will be glad you made time.

Day 21: Find the Perfect Fit

You’ve worked up to this – a 45 minute power class by Sally.