ZenThai Flow – Back To Earth



  1. Maureen Simpkin

    Sally that was amazing I feel really balanced thank you 🙏

  2. Beebot

    Love the explanation of the 5 elements in this series and what each meridian is about.
    Excellent series

    • A Live Yogi Team

      Hi Carolyn, I am so glad you enjoyed this Series, thank you for joining me ~ Sally

  3. Kate Jackson

    Oooooh Sally, that was beautiful! I did have a funny moment half way through where it took you a while to buffer but that just added a lovely extra pause :P

    • A Live Yogi Team

      Oh bonus pause! ;) thanks for joining me ~ Sally

  4. Brychiv

    Sally! That was magnificent…. it was the first time in yoga that my body listened more than my mind… I really enjoyed the yin/yang and connection to the earth element. Thank you… a beautiful grounding start to my day :)

    • A Live Yogi Team

      Thank you for this beautiful comment, I love that you listened to your body and tuned in..thank you for joining me. ~ Sally

  5. Sophie

    beautiful sally thank you!!

  6. Amanda Boreham

    Absolutely divine, thank you 🙏🏻

    • bc4774

      Sal! A lovely lovely soothing practice. I have missed you! Thank you for the restoration of mind and body. Namaste. Jacquie

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