Wellbeing Program - Sample Classes

Breath Exercises to increase focus, improve memory and release stress. 

Tune into your body, your breath and focus on the present moment.
“This was my first go and I promise I will do this every morning in the carpark and every night before going home” – DD
“My blood pressure loves this!” – BB
“That was very calming thank you. Made very easy by Aaron so calming and natural in his practice” – LG

Meditation to Calm & Soothe

We invite you to find a comfortable position in a quiet space, press play and listen to the meditation.
“Really peaceful and calming, thank you” – EB
“Thank you Melina, really relaxing before bed” – JW
“Thank you Melina, that was the best exercise ever.  Very good” – GP

Yoga to release tension in the body, improve circulation and fitness.

Gentle yoga to stretch with ease, Power yoga to make you sweat, Yin Yoga to ground and relax.
“This was so great before bed, thanks Paul” – TL
“Thank you so much for sharing this mindfulness Yin. Post this class I am really feeling clarity of mind and my body is also relaxed” – RG
“Thanks Paul. My first go at this. Feeling calm” – JG

Help your team boost their mental focus, hit their KPI’s faster, increase their productivity and reduce their stress levels.  Each team member will have access to quick and effective mindfulness activities that can be completed in under 10 minutes.

“I’d been challenged to get to a class in more ways than one and this solves all the excuses everyday! It makes me feel comfortable to be able to practice from home, in my own space.”

Keiran R

“I love how I can login whenever I feel like it, its that easy.  I save down my favourite classes and use the meditations to help me sleep at night.”

Mel D

“The short classes are my favourite – a quick 10 or 15 minute class for those crazy busy days are so great! It’s easy to say ‘I don’t have time’ but with these short classes, I really have no excuse.”

Maddy M

“I’m just new to meditation. I’m really enjoying listening to these whenever I have a free 10 minutes. It helps me to let go of my day and feel relaxed. Thank you!”

Rob E

Experience Mindful Wellbeing for your Team

Access includes

✓ Breathing Exercises, Meditation, Mindfulness & Yoga

✓ Unlimited Access to Online Classes

✓ A zen online space (100% ad-free!)

✓ Flexibility to practice anywhere, anytime that suits you

✓ Positive & Morale Boosting Support

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