Vrksasana – Tree Pose


vrksa = tree
Asana = pose

Ask most Yogi’s and they will respond; “…Vrksasana is one of the most grounding and centering asanas”. This pose offers you the ability to choose the depth of your practice and how far you wish to explore the roots of your inner-self – standing on one leg can become a journey into exploring your own truth. By strengthening the trunk of your tree (your core) you can find stability in your foundational leg and come to recognise your connection to the earth and embrace the fluctuations as you move through your ever-changing environment.

It is best to learn to come into Vrksasana from Mountain pose (Tadasana):

1. Ground your left foot and bend the right knee, turning your right foot out to the side and rest the right heel on the left ankle. Or, if within your practice take hold of right ankle and place sole of foot on inner left thigh. Drawing the right knee back slightly, to open your hips.
2. Grow your branches (arms) in any direction that is calling you i.e.: at heart centre (Namaste) or take your arms upwards and bring your palms together just above the head. Ensuring to relax shoulders away from ears.

Firmly rooted to the ground, trees are flexible, they move with the conditions of the earth and weather. Practicing Vrksasana can help you to find balance in your ever-changing environment – swaying with the breeze, secure in your foundations.