Kat L

Melbourne-born Kat first discovered yoga in 2008, thanks to a small studio in Costa Mesa, California, whilst travelling regularly to the USA for work. At the time she was completely unaware of the extent that yoga would transform her life. All she knew was that every time she stepped onto her mat, the complexities of life seemed to all but dissipate.

Kat’s curiosity to explore how and why yoga had this profound effect on people paved the way for a further decade of constant practice and study in the USA, Sydney and Melbourne. Her passion and determination to share her knowledge and experience in yoga led to completing Yoga Alliance RYT200 training at Yoga Plus, Vinyasa training at Australian Yoga Academy, and more recently training with Laughing Lotus in New York as part of her Yoga Alliance RYT500 certification.

With Kat you will be guided through not just a physical practice, but towards a life of fulfilment, where the mind is still and an ultimate sense of peace is achieved regardless of external stimuli. The ancient yogis call this the journey towards ‘samadhi’ (the final attainment of ‘being’). This is where the magic happens!