On return to Australia in 2006 Andy was introduced to Yoga via a Meditation and Pranayama workshop.  This was indeed a time in his life where he was in need of balance and calm. He was very curious and loved the feeling during and post meditation, he related and was drawn to the fellow students, teacher and feeling when in the space.  Andy delved into a daily asana practice in studios or at home and often outdoors in nature.

His resilience is often tested in the corporate world, the past 10+ years Andy has enjoyed leading and inspiring Commercial teams.   Andy loves guiding and building heat through a power flow class – checking into the present moment and consciously moving with the breath, connecting with the body and calming the mind.  The physical asana (postures) and pranayama (breath) preparing yogis for total relaxation in savasana. Andy is passionate about well being and helping people find balance and live a healthy life, he is grateful for being able to teach this practice that it truly life changing.


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