Rituals for Mindfulness Course

Learn Mindfulness and Discover Joy in the Present Moment

Rituals for Mindfulness Course

Learn Mindfulness and Discover Joy in the Present Moment

Learn & Practice the Basics of Mindfulness

Peace. Stillness. Self-Care.

Allow yourself to quieten that busy mind, become aware of your mind, your body and find clarity through Mindfulness.

Mindfulness is about coming back to yourself, your centre and to the present moment.

Learn simple and easy to follow mindfulness practices that you can implement in your daily life. 

Join us on this mindful journey of peaceful and soothing practices.

Meet Your Course Facilitator & Teacher

Melina Demertzis

Melina was initially drawn to yoga for its ability to connect body, mind and spirit and was soon addicted to the soothing qualities of the practice. After working in corporate for over 20 years, Melina embarked on a life changing journey to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. This one choice created a ripple effect which lead her to live a fully charged life of creativity and passion.

Melina brings a gentle, calming and soothing energy to her classes by creating space for her students in a way they can connect back to themselves to create positive changes within. Her classes can be described as soft and feminine and leave you feeling nurtured, calm and balanced with mindfulness and breath threaded throughout. She believes yoga is for absolutely everyone and is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga to the world and her students.


Course Outline

With 7 easy to follow Mindfulness Practices from meditation, journalling and mindful movement + 2 Bonus Meditations

$69 for Self-Paced Access to the Online Course Content

✓ Learn the basics of mindfulness

✓ 7 practices including meditation, mindful movement and journaling

✓ Downloadable workbook

✓ A zen online space (100% ad-free!)

✓ Flexibility to practice anywhere, anytime!

✓ 2 bonus meditations

✓ Emails sent straight to your inbox for motivation and support