Yoga in 15 Minutes or Less

Short on time but want to stay consistent in your yoga practice, we have created this 10 class program with the busy yogi in mind.


Self-paced so you choose – complete in 10 days or at your own pace.

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Class 1: Hip Opening Flow

Commence your 7 day program with a 20 minute gentle hip opening flow by Lucy.

Class 2: Balanced Body Balanced Mind

Warm up, stretch and open your whole body with this gentle class by Mandy.

Class 3: Calm the Farm

Enjoy this breath work meditation to help calm that busy mind.

Class 4: The In Between

Experience Sally’s soulful classes with this 45 minute Gentle Flow.

Class 5: The Gentle Express

Hop on the gentle express with Mandy and head to relaxation station!

Class 6: The Present Moment


Bring yourself to the present moment with this 15 minute gentle flow with Kat.

Class 7: Gentle All Over

15 minutes Gentle Flow with Lucy, a beautiful way to move the whole body.