Mindfulness in Minutes

Hello and welcome.

Firstly, I want to thank you for saying YES to self-care and YES to getting started on your mindfulness journey.

The intention of this course is to introduce you to simple and easy to follow mindfulness practices such as journaling, meditation and mindful movement.  Once you have a feel for the basics of mindfulness you can implement these practices into your every day routine.

This course is designed to be self paced.  You can complete the practices as they are set out or choose in any order.

It’s important to take your time with each mindfulness practice (and also remembering to smile and breath). And like with any new practice, make a point to be super kind to yourself. Bringing that sense of self compassion to each practice you undertake, this is a no judgement zone.

Meet Your Course Facilitator & Teacher

Melina Demertzis

Melina was initially drawn to yoga for its ability to connect body, mind and spirit and was soon addicted to the soothing qualities of the practice.  After working in corporate for over 20 years, Melina embarked on a life changing journey to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. This one choice created a ripple effect which lead her to live a fully charged life of creativity and passion.

Melina brings a gentle, calming and soothing energy to her classes by creating space for her students in a way they can connect back to themselves to create positive changes within.  Her classes can be described as soft and feminine and leave you feeling nurtured, calm and balanced with mindfulness and breath threaded throughout.  She believes yoga is for absolutely everyone and is passionate about sharing the magic of yoga to the world and her students.

So, let’s get started…and firstly let’s delve into what Mindfulness actually means!

To put it simply, Mindfulness is being present and fully engaged in what you are doing in the present moment free from distractions.

Mindfulness is allowing yourself to get out of your busy mind, being aware of your thoughts, body sensation and breath without getting too caught up in what is going on around you (and internally).

When we practice mindfulness, our thoughts tune into what we’re sensing in the present moment rather than rehashing the past or imagining the future all through a gentle, nurturing lens.

We can implement mindfulness into our routine through practices such as meditation, breath work, walking or yoga. However mindfulness can also be incorporated in the everyday such as washing the dishes, cooking, working – it’s all about staying present.

Watch this VIDEO of my easy explanation of “What is Mindfulness”

Course Outline + Practices

Length: 17 mins 22 sec

This practice will bring you back to the present moment and tune into your physical body and breath for a deeply relaxing body scan meditation.

Length: 3 mins 22 secs

In this practice, I will guide you on how to firstly get centered and move from your busy mind back to the present moment with free-hand writing and journaling.

Length: 10 mins

A guided meditation practice to assist starting your day with clarity, ease and purpose.

Length: 33 mins 35 secs

Our practice moves onto the yoga mat for a mindful moving meditation.  This grounding practice to guide you back into the present moment with gentle and nourishing movement.

Length: 3 mins 16 secs

How to take a mindful walk, what to do and notice – so you can implement this practice in your weekly routine.

Length: 4 mins 6 secs

This practice of tuning into your five senses is super handy because you can do this anywhere (think express mindfulness!).

Length: 47 mins 46 secs

We move back onto the yoga mat for this practice for a mindful and deeply soothing yin yoga class. 

Length: 10 mins

This bonus audio meditation is an amazing practice to welcome the day ahead.  Listen in the morning to cultivate a sense of clarity, peace and gratitude.

Length: 10 mins

This bonus audio meditation is a soothing and nourishing practice to transition to sleep.  Listen just before bed and gift yourself deep rest and restoration.

Course Videos

Practices 1 – 7 + Bonus Meditations

You can access all the video practices here or click in any of the practice modules above.