10 Day Mindfulness + Meditation Journey

Take a moment to check in…

What are you spending your attention on today?  How is the quality of your thinking affecting your life and relationships.  Through a better understanding of the nature of the mind, our thinking, habits and patterns, we are able to bring more freedom and compassion into our life.

On this 10 day Course, you will be supported in developing a regular meditation practice, and cultivating more mindfulness into your every day living.

Awakening to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Scientific research has found meditation to have a myriad of benefits including:

Better concentration and focus.

Decrease in stress, anxiety, anger and depression.

Lower blood pressure and increased circulation.

Improved sleep.

Higher levels of creativity, spontaneity and energy.

Less craving for unhealthy habits.

Reduction in pain and enhanced immune system response.

Better able to manage thoughts and emotions.

Better relationships with others.

But most importantly these practices leave us feeling more clear and grounded within our selves and the deeper world around us.

I look forward to sharing this Meditation and Mindfulness Journey with you in our online space.

Meet Your Course Facilitator & Teacher

Sally Meredith

Sally has always had a passion for exploring inner-space and really getting to know ourselves. As a child she remembers having a thirst for the profound peace and spirit she would discover through dance, yoga, meditation and being in nature. Since she could walk, Sally has been wholeheartedly invested in embodied expression, from dance to yoga, to circus and healing arts.

Being intrigued by the experiential anatomy of our bodies and timeless yogic concepts, Her classes will guide you on a poetic journey with your breath, body and heart. Her yoga practice is a dance that invites fluidity and aliveness to the body, mind and spirit. A dance that guides us back home to our true and natural state of being.


 Your 10 Day Mindfulness + Meditation Course with Sally includes:

✓ A 10 Day journey reconnecting to the inner workings of your mind to feel more clear, grounded and connected

✓ Daily 20 minute Live Sessions (8am AEST) with Sally to guide you over the 10 days, with replays sent to your Inbox

✓ 10 x pre-recorded 10 minute Meditations to build your practice and revisit at any time

✓ A Private Online Group to keep connected and share insights, questions and inspirations on the 10 day journey together

✓ Emails sent straight to your inbox for motivation and support

✓ A zen online space (100% ad-free!)

✓ Flexibility to practice anywhere, anytime!