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Anatomy for Yoga

Hello and welcome to Anatomy for Yoga.

This online course is tailored for any yoga student, wanting a little assistance in learning anatomy, or for any yoga teacher, wanting to revise or re-learn the sometimes complicated world of anatomy.

The great thing about learning anatomy online, is you can learn the content (that can sometimes be overwhelming), in small little snippets, which will allow you the time to digest the information, allow it to permeate and then move on to the next topic!

There are 7 video modules, which include a range of topics, from basic anatomical terminology, to muscle anatomy, joint biomechanics, injury prevention and injury modification, as well as learning about the incredible nervous and respiratory systems.

A Workbook and Quizzes to help infuse the learnings of each Module along the way.

The video below is a brief introduction to the Course.

– Dr Sophie Toland

Meet Your Course Facilitator & Teacher

Dr Sophie Toland, Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

During the completion of her degree to become an Osteopath, Sophie began to regularly attend yoga classes, in search of some inner peace to balance the stressful final years of university. However, what Sophie found was so much more. 

Sophie then went on to complete her Teacher Training in 2017 in hope to share her passion and pure joy with others and has now completed various modules, including trainings in Yin Yoga and Advanced Philosophy.  Through teaching and practice, Sophie quickly found there to be evident gaps in the current teachings and knowledge of asanas and anatomy for yoga students and for already qualified teachers.

Sophie’s passion is to deepen yoga teachers and student’s anatomical knowledge and awareness, to not only strengthen their own practice but to also create a safer more effective environment for their students, regardless of their presenting injuries, pain and or yoga capabilities. Because ultimately, no-one should not be able to have access to, and practice the gift that is yoga!


Course Outline

This course is composed of 7 hours of content.

Separated into 7 Video Modules of online learning, each session containing online lecture material plus a short quiz to keep you on track.

All video Modules can be viewed at the end of this page below the Module outlines.

Length: 1 hour 09 mins

In this module Sophie will introduce you to the Course and focus on the Anatomical Terminology.

Length: 46 mins 17 secs

In this Module you will learn about the spine, joints, cartilages and muscles and a recap of Module 1.

Length: 56 mins 56 secs

In this Module, you will learn about the ligaments, tendons and fascia.  An introduction to compression versus tension and all about hypermobility.

Length: 1 hour 3 mins

In this Module you will learn about the lower extremities, the torso and the core.

Length: 48 mins 15 secs

In this Module is moving more into the application of anatomy.  A recap of the Modules and putting it into practice and delving into the Respiratory and Nervous System.

Length: 1 hour 9 secs

Part 1 of Module 5 is focusing on common injuries of the lower extremities in yoga and what you might observe in yoga students.

Length: 43 mins 46 secs

In Part 2 of Module 5 you will focus on learning more injuries of the upper extremities and the neck.  You will also revise the Modules and delve into some mock scenarios/injuries a yoga student might present in class.


Access all Course Videos Here

Modules 1 – 5

You can access all the video modules here.