Our Classes

Power Flow – 30 / 45 minutes

This class is one of our most popular. It is an energetic flow style class that is designed to make you sweat! You will be challenged and nurtured all at once as we build strength, tone muscles and increase flexibility. If you are new to yoga, we recommend trying gentle flow to begin. But if power yoga is calling your name, why not give it a go!? There’s something for everybody in this class.

Gentle Flow – 30 / 45 minutes

The gentle flow class is just as it sounds. We flow from one posture to another, just like in power, however at a more relaxed pace. We spend a little longer in poses to delve into the stretch, while also incorporating strengthening poses too. This is an ideal class if you are new to yoga or looking for a nourishing practice.

Yin – 45 minutes

Yin is a gentle, floor based practice in which we target the connective tissues such as ligaments and joints, rather than the active muscle groups. The poses are typically held for a longer period of time, approx. 3-5 minutes to really work into the resistance and to ultimately realise softness. It is the perfect practice if you are looking for release, to calm the mind, or for something to balance an active lifestyle.

Foundations – 20 minutes

During this class we will discuss yoga anatomy, break down common poses and provide insight into the true benefits of yoga for the body. It’s beneficial for everyone to try this class – whether you’re new or a seasoned yogi – you’ll likely learn something!

Guided Meditation / Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra, or guided meditation, is a practice that was devised many years ago by the yogis in India. It is designed to find quiet in the mind, which can lead to all sorts of benefits such as improved sleep, heightened creativity, and a clear mind. During this class all you are required to do is either sit up, or lay down, and listen. Our experienced meditation teacher will guide you through the practice which involves breath work, body scanning and visualisation.