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Yoga for Beginners - Foundations Series

Practice Yoga Poses.  Breathe deeper.  Find Balance.


Yoga for Beginners 

In today’s “busy” world, we often prioritise everything and everyone else first….

But when we make time for ourselves, take the opportunity to start something new, look within and lead our lives with intention,  that’s when the real magic happens…

Focus. Balance. Confidence. Ease. Alignment.

“Yoga for Beginners” is a 11 class series designed to help you quieten the mind, deepen the breath and help you find confidence with common yoga poses. 

You’ll be guided through yoga poses and modifications to find poses that suit your body. 

Be introduced to meditation, an invitation to bring tranquillity to the mind and into everyday life. 

The series culminates in one final 75 minute class which brings together all your learning, bringing balance to the body, mind and spirit. 

This series is for you, whether you’re a beginner or an intermediate yogi looking to revisit the foundations of this ancient practice. 

Classes 1 – 3: Preliminary Practice & Establishing Breath 

Classes 4 – 8: Practicing Common Yoga Poses

Class 9: Transitions in Yoga Flows

Class 10: Introduction to Meditation

Class 11: Final 75 Minute Class

“I love how I can login whenever I feel like it, its that easy.  And the fact that one month’s membership doesn’t even cost the amount of a casual class in a studio.  That gives me comfort that its money well spent on my self care.”

Mel D

“The short classes are my favourite – a quick 10 or 15 minute class for those crazy busy days are so great! It’s easy to say ‘I don’t have time’ but with these short classes, I really have no excuse. I’ve been consistently rolling out my mat to A Live Yogi for over a year now!”

Maddy M

“Such a wonderful experience to find a way to roll out my mat anywhere I am and follow a really inspired yoga flow! I’d been challenged to get to a class in more ways than one and this solves all the excuses everyday!”

Robyn E

“I love being able to roll out my mat at a time that suits me, and do a class that feels right in that moment. Thank you!”

Narina E

Meet your Teacher

Mandy Habener

Mandy’s playful, creative, alignment-focused approach to yoga provides a fun, safe and supportive environment for all yogis. She views our yoga mats as the perfect training ground for life: always inviting the opportunity for self-inquiry, growth and transformation. 

Mandy found yoga from a need to improve flexibility and seek balance. After 6 years of practicing as a student, Mandy immersed herself deeply into the practice, studying and teaching yoga. Her dedication to his practice has seen her complete over 1000hrs of formal training. Teacher and student, Mandy’s passion for this ancient practice is clear in her classes and series.

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A Live Yogi is more than just online yoga classes. When you join, you become a loved member of our one-of-a-kind global community.

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We’re proud to create a relaxing space for like-minded people to connect and find their true selves.

Yoga & Meditation, anytime, anywhere


Join A Live Yogi and you’ll have unlimited access to a growing library of hundreds of classes at the tip of your fingers. Whether you’re traveling, at home, or at work – you’ll feel relaxed knowing A Live Yogi is there to support and offer you just what you need.  With new videos added weekly, there are always new ways to play, explore and connect.

“A Live Yogi allows me to keep my practice going when I can’t get to the studio. I love the variety of classes available and the value for money. It’s so nice to be able to get my yoga fix in no matter what time of day, what’s happening on the home front, or what I’m wearing! Highly recommended!”

Claire C

“How could you not love A Live Yogi! The convenience of doing a class where and when it suits the busy life style. The variety of classes offered is outstanding. It’s great the length of classes vary, from 10 -60 minutes. This is perfect for when I accidentally sleep in or have had a massive day work. But, the 5 stars go to the beautiful, experienced and flexible ladies on my screen.”

Carol M

“Love being able to do Yoga at home when it suits me There is a great variety of classes to suit all levels. Being a beginner it is important to start gently. I love that there are different teachers available on all levels, keeps it interesting. Great value for money.”

Maryann O

“I have loved every aspect of a live yogi – being a mum of two little kids and limited time to get to a yoga studio practicing from home has been a life saver! The length and variety of classes and meditations has helped me keep a healthy positive mind and body. The teachers are absolutely incredible and I recommend a live yogi to my friends constantly. Thank you thank you for creating such a wonderful platform.”

Clea M


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How do I use A Live Yogi?

You sign up for a membership and gain unlimited access to all online yoga & meditation classes. Choose a class, roll out your mat, and get started. 

What styles of yoga does A Live Yogi offer?

We have all kinds of yoga from power vinyasa to gentle flow, yin, kundalini, meditation and mindfulness. We offer classes for beginners through to advanced yogis. 

I’ve never done yoga before. Is this suitable for me?

Absolutely. Yoga is suitable for every body. You’ve just got to be willing to roll out your mat and give it a go. You will see we have many styles and many levels. Try a class under our Beginner’s category or complete our Beginners Series to familiarise yourself with the practice and a few of the more common poses. Remember, one of the biggest no-no’s in yoga is judgement – so be kind on yourself – no one was ever born ready to do a handstand!

What devices does A Live Yogi work on?

A Live Yogi is 100% web based, so practice on any device that you access the internet on. Smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops. If you’re set up at home to push videos from your device to a TV screen (via Chromecast or Apple TV) this should work with A Live Yogi classes too.