Yoga for Beginners


Whether you’re brand new to yoga and just curious as to what it’s all about, or you’ve been practicing for a while and would like to revisit the foundations of this ancient practice, there is something in this course for everyone. We start with the breath, developing deeper, fuller breath. From here we move on to joint mobility, and looking at the common poses used in a yoga class. We dive into the safe alignment of these poses, and try out various modifications too, so that you can stay safe in your practice. Mandy introduces us to meditation - the one practice we should all be doing to invite tranquility to the mind, and make us more resilient human beings! She also offers an introduction on philosophy and chanting (a really fun addition to your practice). All of these learnings culminate in one final 75 minute class, where you are invited to experience how all of this can come together and bring a sense of balance to the body, mind and spirit. Mandy brings a wealth of knowledge having practiced for many years, completing over 1000 hours of training, and now runs teacher training programs year round. We are delighted to have Mandy sharing her knowledge on A Live Yogi, and hope you enjoy what she has to offer.


Teacher Profile

Mandy Habener

With more than 850hrs of formal training covering a range of different styles including Vinyasa, Hatha, Therapy and Yin, Mandy's classes can be described as playful, creative, alignment-based movement synchronised with breath. Read More

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