Balasana – Childs Pose

(bah-LAHS- uh-nuh)

Bala – child
Asana – pose

Balasana is a pose that demonstrates strength in the yogis’ awareness and recognition of their body’s needs and assists to find balance between a strong practice and a restorative practice. It offers opportunity for the student/practitioner to take rest and to set or reconnect with intensions and breathe. On its own, or between poses, this forward fold provides a nourishing and calming effect for the mind; relieving stress and tension by connecting body, mind and spirit. It also also helps alleviate back pains by strengthening and lengthening the spine.

Come into Balasana from a kneeling position, with the knees together and the buttocks resting down the heels:

1. On an exhalation, bend forward from the hips, folding the torso onto the tops of the thighs and place your forehead on the mat in front of you.
2. Lay your arms back beside your body with palms facing up and feel how the weight of your shoulders lightly spreads the shoulder blades.
3. Allow your upper back (thoracic) to broaden, your tail bone draw toward the earth and remain here for about 5 breaths, feeling the stretch at the lower back and thighs.

Take time to nourish and calm your body by releasing your hips to your feet; resting your body on your thighs, your forehead connecting with your mat and arms resting by your side. Now simply Breathe.