Trying something new is stepping outside of your comfort zone. This is great, this is how we grow. However, it can be scary, and sometimes when we do this, we are easily lured back into our safe place, and might avoid continuing on. We can tell ourselves many reasons why we shouldn’t keep going, but I want to give you 5 reasons today, why you should keep going with your yoga practice.

1// The commitment to yourself
You’ve taken the first big step. You’ve carved out a space in life just for you. We need this as humans. We need opportunities to recharge our batteries, to care for ourselves and show ourselves love. You cannot pour from an empty cup. Don’t think of this as just “me time”, because many other aspects of your life will benefit from your commitment to you; your loved ones, your relationships, your health, and your work/life balance. You deserve to keep going. Stay accountable to yourself.

2// The journey that you are on
Can you feel that? It’s the winds of change. You may not see any results yet (physical or mental), but don’t focus on that, because in a year from now, you are going to look back and think wow, look how far I have come. Yoga is a journey. It’s not about if you can touch your toes, or do a handstand, it’s about pushing your body, challenging yourself, how you feel inside, and it’s about loving yourself. In a year you will feel physical results, but the mental results will be far reaching any physical. This is a journey where the destination is ongoing. Stay on board.

3// It’s a practice, not a perfect
You won’t look like your yoga teacher, and that’s ok. Remember the journey part? Everyone in your class, including the teacher is at a different stage of their own personal journey. Just like anything you start in life, yoga takes practice, patience, and perseverance. It’s about showing up, week after week, being there, and keeping that promise to yourself. Don’t focus on the physical side of self-improvement, focus on self-acceptance. You are here. You are practicing, the rest will follow.

4// It’s not just physical
There’s a quote by yogi Eric Paskel, and he says…

“Yoga is not about tightening your a**. It’s about getting your head out of it.”

You will feel the physical sides of yoga. Your muscles will feel stronger and more relaxed at the same time. What’s most exciting is how your mind can change. Yoga is about self-acceptance and self-love. Your body needs fitness to stay strong, and your mind needs yoga to stay strong. What you think, you become. The body can only achieve what the mind believes it can, so stay focused, and stay strong. Yoga is your mental food, keep nourishing your soul

5// It’s about living your best life.
Yoga is a process. You are at the beginning of a great change. You are about to nourish your soul, grow your mind and challenge your body. If you put yoga in your life’s vision this year, then follow through. We all want to live our best lives, and yoga is a great start.I want you to try something, try staying in that uncomfortable place, hold that commitment just a little bit longer and you might find that soon it becomes your new comfortable place.

You can do it! We believe in you.

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